Why doesn't the factory just import and export by itself instead of using an import and export agency?

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In fact, it is similar to why foreign customers do not directly buy goods from factories, but also to buy goods from trading companies.

Import and export agency can rise, there must be its significance of existence

Why does the factory want an import and export agency?


1. Import and export operation problems

A complete import and export process is very complicated and diverse. It seems simple to book cargo space, declare customs clearance and inspect, ship, refund tax and so on, but it includes various international conventions, trade terms, commodity inspection relations of customs, financial affairs of tax bureau and other related operations. It does not mean that it can be handled by just hiring a foreign trade document clerk. These must be at least 3 years of import and export experience, rich foreign trade knowledge and often professional operators to operate, in order to ensure foolproof.

2. Cost

Or the factory will think to set up a foreign trade department, handle the import and export rights, hire a few people, can operate. But please an experienced merchandiser, then please have the experience of export tax rebate finance, and then have the experience of customs declaration personnel, all these labor and operating costs. If the goods are improperly operated because of the documentary, customs clearance and other personnel, the goods may be stuck in customs clearance, or can not get on the ship, or inspection. Financial personnel improper operation, may not be able to directly refund the tax. This part of the cost is not only operating costs, but also related to the cost of profit.

3. Capital flow problem

After receiving the VAT invoice issued by the factory, our import and export agency will arrange tax refund within 2-3 working days. However, if the factory does the export tax refund and applies for the tax refund by itself, the time of tax refund is uncertain, which increases the financial pressure.

4. Mode of trade and terms of trade

The ordinary documentary does not even understand what FOB,CNF,CFR,EXP and CIF are, so how to quote? The customer said to do L/C, DP, DA or OA for 90 days, then how to operate? Our Boyuan Import and export agency, can be 24 hours for each customer to answer all kinds of questions, operate all kinds of trade terms, to ensure that you easily receive orders.

Taking the above four points into consideration, it can be seen how important it is to choose import and export agency to operate import and export business.

Full-time, our professional is import and export agent one-stop service operation process, your professional is to negotiate with foreign countries, establish orders, quality and quantity guarantee delivery.

We believe that career is to do something you like and have the ability to do well with like-minded people, spend your whole life, make it to the extreme, and create a real brand service.

Fortunately, we have gathered a group of professional and high-quality people, and single-mindedly identified the import and export agency service industry, and put our faith in every corner of the work, passion to achieve every detail of the exquisite, and constantly strive to give you an infinite close to perfect results, the goal is to become China's most professional, the most intimate service of import and export agency service.

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